Biochar is a durable form of Carbon Dioxide removal

During the recent Biochar III Conference (September 17-22, 2023, Tomar, Portugal) we have reemphasized the responsibility of the scientific community to communicate to the broad society the solid evidence that has emerged regarding the potential contribution of biochar in decarbonization and mitigation of climate changes.


To achieve this objective, we have prepared a letter that we trust represents the shared understanding of our broad scientific community.    


Therefore, we wish to invite you to connect to the following LINK, review the letter and, if you concur, to sign following the instructions, with the aim of reaffirming our common understanding regarding the durable nature of biochar as Carbon Dioxide Removal and Negative Emission Technology, offering long lived Carbon sequestration to the decarbonisation process and supporting sustainable agriculture.


In addition, please feel free to share the LINK within your circles and to share it using your own social media connections.


Thank you,

David Chiaramonti, Johannes Lehmann, Franco Berruti and Paola Giudicianni

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