Innovative ROOFCHAR® substrate for green roofs

In cooperation with the Czech University of Life Sciences Prague, the innovative material ROOFCHAR® for green roofs and walls has been developed.

This material:

  • increases the retention of rainwater in the substrate or soil, minimizes moisture fluctuations in the substrate, and reduces the need for additional irrigation
  • improves the use of biogenic elements and nutrients - retains them and releases them slowly
  • stabilizes (retains) contaminants and prevents their entry into plants
  • increases soil microbial activity, the development of micro-organisms and the soil edaphon
  • reduces leakage of nutrients (but also contaminants) into groundwater
  • improves application conditions through mycorrhizal symbiosis
  • sequesters large amounts of carbon in the soil (using 1 kg of biochar removes about 2.7 kg of CO2 potentially emitted to the atmosphere

The saturated material is also 5% lighter but retains 15% more water than conventional roof substrates.

 More information can be found here: Roofchar® - Substrát s Biocharem pro zelené střechy a stěny -

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